Key buildings of the General Hospital „Dr Ivo Pedišić“ are back in use

Sisak, January 4th – Key buildings of wards of gynaecology, surgery, ophthalmology, dialysis, as well as the polyclinic of the general hospital “Dr. Ivo Pedišić” Sisak are back in use after positive preliminary assessments of earthquake damage to the buildings. Hospital director mr. sc. Tomislav Dujmenović, dr. med. pointed out that the hospital would provide healthcare for citizens continuously and responsibly. He stated that thanks to the effective engagement of their employees, internist, surgical, infectological, pediatric, neurologist and gynaecologist basic services for admission of emergency cases of all age groups were quickly restored. 

Observation and patients’ prolonged supervision at the general hospital “Dr. Ivo Pedišić” Sisak will be administered in medical tents equipped with medical equipment, heating and ventilation. Laboratory services, dialysis and radiology will be available, and sufficient supply of medication for all health conditions has been provided at the hospital’s pharmacy. In cooperation with the local retirement home, preparation of hospital meals is organized, as well as healthcare workers’ meals. During the recent crisis, the meals have been prepared in collaboration with local businesses. Hospital management is actively working on restoring all technical services. Dujmenović stated that a reduced range of activities of the hospital’s accounting and legal department would be restored, adding that it shouldn’t affect the regular business ongoings. 

Covid-19 patients care provided 
Patients with a suspected Covid-19 infection are going to be examined at the emergency infectology infirmary. Those who will need to be hospitalised will be admitted to KB Dubrava, Zagreb and at the Arena Zagreb stationary, while patients with milder symptoms will be sent home for treatment.

Sisak hospital focuses on the development

General Hospital “Dr. Ivo Pedišić” is going to focus on finishing the existing investments and providing effective and prompt medical care. Earthquake consequences will be dealt with building investments, state of the art medical equipment acquisition and sustainable solutions as well as continuing the professional development of its employees.
Dujmenović points out that, regardless of the current situation, it is vital to continue the hospital’s development in order not to have the quality decline in the healthcare provided to the citizens due to earthquake consequences. He believes that additional support will be provided in the next period. 
The old internist ward building, administrative building in Sisak and hospital premises in Petrinja were severely damaged and are currently not safe for healthcare workers and patients. 
Hospital management would like to thank all hospital employees, patients, citizens, volunteers and donators for their selfless help and understanding.